Dr. Hatice Ozhisar

Hatice trained at Middle East Technical University (METU) and the University of Manchester (where she gained a high grade and distinction in her Bachelor and Master’s Degrees in Architecture and a merit in her second Master’s Degree in globalisation, development and finance.)

She successfully completed her studies with a PhD in architecture at METU, qualifying in 2016 (where she debated the autonomy of architecture in the neo-liberal and capitalist hegemony through the case study of design codes and Bodrum housing type, which is a specific Mediterranean house style in Turkey.)


Since the start of her architectural adventure, she has had the opportunity to work with award-winning architects like Cengiz Bektas, allowing her to create her architectural and interior designs in residential, commercial and hospitality settings on various scales.

She also had the experience of participating in inter-disciplinary projects within various bodies.  Believing hat practice and teaching are mutually beneficial activities, Hatice periodically works as a part-time design tutor.


Dr Hatice has more than 10 years of experience in architecture, design, hospitality and tourism, where she has participated across a range of project scales in various sectors from private and freelance, to public and academia.  She has boundless interest in modern art, architecture and design where she loves to explore the synergy of modern and contemporary design with traditional use, function and context.  Furthermore, she believes a project should appeal to human senses, be ethical and environmentally responsible in our present fast paced urban lives.


Dr Hatice Ozhisar is creative, ambitious and detail oriented ‘exterior’ and interior designer having a lifelong learning and passion with architecture. Having the strong desire in art and design made architecture a solid path in her university degree; whilst succeeding highly qualified academic achievements not only in architecture but also in finance and econometrics.

Hatice having more than ten years of experience in architecture, design, tourism, and hospitality, which she has participated across a range of scales of projects in the variety of sectors from private and freelance to public and academic, now continued to work on her architectural and interior design projects.


Last but not least, Hatice never gives up following the ideas of Frank Lloyd Wright, Philippe Starck and Mimar Sinan in her architectural taste.

Last, but not least, Hatice will continue to appreciate Frank Lloyd Wright, Philippe Starck and Mimar Sinan in her architectural taste.