How to Create that Luxurious Look on an Affordable Budget

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Everyone wants a home that has stylish appeal. Unfortunately, we are not all Rockefeller. Most of us, in fact, is the “other feller”. Turning your living environment into a luxurious environment affordably is not that difficult. You simply need to know how and to do this take some cues from the experts.



The hallway and entrance sets the scene

The idea that the first impression is a lasting impression is one that is not lost on interior designers. The very first impression a person gets when stepping into your home will be the one that sticks. The rest of your home could be absolutely perfect but if you open the door to a visitor and they see a disaster zone, that’s what will remain in their minds. The hallway should make a statement about your home. Tidy but not bare. A few signature items depending on width and length will define your visitor’s expectations. A small table or coatrack will draw the eye from any imperfections that may be difficult to remedy. Even a single striking picture on the wall can do a very good job of improving that first impression.





Keep it minimal

Keeping it minimal will serve several purposes. Minimalism maintains that clean uncluttered look. You will also spend less on additional furnishing, which helps to keep the budget down. Decluttering your home means that you can sell several unneeded items to purchase one particularly attractive piece of furniture to create that minimalist look. The homes of the wealthy are notable for the lack of clutter. In fact, it has been observed that the less well-off seem to have a greater propensity for clutter.







Select a palate

Coordinate everything. When it is clear that colours and patterns have been carefully chosen to work together, the appearance becomes chic. In the same way that well-coordinated clothing styles can make a person look like a million dollars, the same applies to the home. Choose a colour scheme and stick to it. Apply patterns and styles that work well together, from furniture to soft furnishings.





Use interesting focal points

We all collect items of interest over the years. Whether it is an antique set of scales or an Amazonian wooden box, use it to draw the attention of anyone that enters the room. You will notice this in any luxury environment that you walk into. What’s more, if you have taken the minimalist approach, the item will become all the more stark, providing that clean luxury look, with an accent on the expensive that you hope to create. By using items that you already own, you’re saving yourself a packet.



Flowers and plants

Plats are the single easiest step to creating that luxury look, but be careful they can ruin it too. A single arrangement of fresh flowers in a room not only fulfils that minimalist look but will also create a focal point. Getting it right is important. A room that has a palette mostly made up of black and white with an arrangement of fresh sunflowers will create a contrast that brings relief to the eye of the first time visitor. The bright colours of the flowers will draw the focal point, but also emphasize the palate. A small investment that makes all the difference.

Do things differently but the same

Luxurious homes almost always have the curtains hung up high. Curtains that reach from ceiling to floor define the angles and corners in a room more clearly. Make sure that this is done consistently throughout the home. Maintaining a particular style throughout the home provides a consistency that luxury demands. A really ordinary set of curtains can look very good if they are hung correctly. Duplicate this across the home and you’ve got it all made. You do not have to use brand new curtains either. Many hotels and conference venues refurbish their rooms from time to time, so keep an eye out for clearances to get a good bargain.


By using lampshades that are shaped differently, the room will appear to have the attention of a professional interior designer. The shape does not have to be the same in every room, however, if you are going to start off by having unusual lampshades, then provide consistency by having an unusually shaped lampshade in every room.

Consistency is key. You may choose to design your home around the features of a particular period. If you do so, then keep it consistent throughout the home. If you take the time, you will find some really good pieces of classic furniture in second-hand shops that will polish up nicely and create that antique or vintage look. You may not realise that what you already have in and around your home will add to the luxury look, its how you use it that will determine how successful you are.


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